Transsiberian express

The mission of the "Trans-Siberian express" Group of Companies is to revive railway tourism in the Russian Federation. The situation in the market is such that in many respects the current direction of tourism does not need restoring, but creating anew. For years now the company has been succeeding in doing this.

Since 1999 the company will successfully organize charter railway tourist transportations, both on all territory of the Russian Federation, and on the countries of the near abroad in own rolling stock. Is a member of  the Russian Union of Travel Industry .

The basic kinds of activity of our company are group and individual tourism, the organization of business trips and corporate actions on a railway transportation.

Under the application of the client we are ready to organize any rail transportation both the separate car, and additional tourist train (including own private trains "Golden eagle - Transsiberian express" and "Zarengold").

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Transsiberian Express

Is capable of providing the safe transportation of passengers, luggage, cargo-luggage, ensures a high quality of service on its trains, the safe transportation of luggage, cargo-luggage, the due delivery of luggage, cargo-luggage

Owns a railway rolling stock for the realization of transportations based on property rights

Is capable of ensuring that the relevant obligations are met relating to transportation, arising from international contracts of the Russian Federation which regulate the transportation of passengers, luggage and cargo-luggage, and the legislation of the Russian Federation

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